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About Shirdi

The small town of Shirdi in the state of Maharashtra gained prominence when the revered saint and Guru Sai Baba blessed it as his abode. Thousands of pilgrims and religious travellers throng the town every year to visit the Samadhi of Sai Baba who is believed to relieve everyone from sins and sorrows. The Samadhi Temple is counted among the richest religious organizations in the world and is visited by people of all faiths and cultural backgrounds. Visitors pray at various sites associated with the eighty years that Sai spent here. The atmosphere of the place is filled with overwhelming peace and mysticism beyond description.

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How to reach Shirdi from Pune

Pune has one of the closest international airports to Shirdi. The distance of about 200 km. between the two places can be easily covered in a taxi in about 5 hours. There are two routes for this road trip. The first one via Sangamner is a 4-lane road till Rajgurunagar with good to average road condition. The second one via Ahmednagar is again a 4-lane road till Ahmednagar, but the road condition deteriorates between Ahmednagar and Shirdi. Also, the former route is shorter (about 180 km.) than the latter.

Stopovers to Eat on the Way -

Ahmednagar is the best place to stop on the route if you choose the longer route. The popular eating options here include :

  • Sukh Sagar
  • Sweet Home
  • Panchashil Park (non-vegetarian food)
  • Hotel Meghnand
  • Amar Pure Veg

On the shorter route, you may find good options at Narayangaon and Sangamner. Choices include :

  • Choudhary Dhaba, Ivy Restaurant, Amantaran and Shivanand (Narayangaon)
  • On the Rocks, Sangam Mess, Maurya, Dosti Palace and la Mirchi (Sangamner)

Places to visit in Shirdi

  1. Samadhi Mandir: The main temple in the town which houses Baba's Samadhi or the final resting place and experiences huge queues of devotees every single day. The Samadhi is built with white marble and is a heart-warming visual for the visitors.
    • Timings: 05:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
    • Open on: All Days
    • Entrance Fee: Free. You may obtain special VIP Darshan passes (INR 100 per person) if you wish to avoid long queues.

  2. Dwarkamai: It is the mosque where Sai Baba used to live, light earthen lamps and burn the sacred dhuni which burns even today. There are oil paintings of Baba and items like grinding stone, wheat bag, waterpot and kolamba (a kind of dish) that commemorate Baba's daily practices.
    • Timings: 04:30 a.m. to 09:45 p.m.
    • Open on: All Days

  3. Chavadi: The place where Baba would spend every alternate night and it houses his items like stone throne, wooden plank, white chair and more. Located nearby is the cottage of Abdul Baba, one of the many ardent followers of Sai Baba.
    • Timings: 04:30 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
    • Open on: All Days

  4. Lendibagh: It is a small garden that Baba built with his own hands and has a lighthouse constructed to commemorate Baba's daily practice of lighting an earthen lamp here. There is also a neem tree under which Baba used to take rest.
    • Timings: N/A
    • Open on: All Days

  5. Gurusthan: It is the sacred spot where the residents of Shirdi spotted Baba for the first time in the form of a child ascetic as he was meditating under a neem tree. A temple constructed at the site is among the top attractions in Shirdi.
    • Timings: 04:30 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
    • Open on: All Days

  6. Khandoba Temple: It was here that Mhalsapati, one of Baba's devoted followers, recognized Baba as an extraordinary soul. It was here that Baba got his name as Mhalsapati greeted him as 'Welcome! Sai'.
    • Timings: 05:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
    • Open on: All Days

  7. Dixit Wada Museum: Built by Kakasaheb Dixit in 1911 at the consent of Sai Baba, this historical building is now a museum which houses Baba's belongings like robes, pipes, water tumblers, cooking utensils, footwear and many more.
    • Timings: 10:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.
    • Open on: All Days

  8. Five Samadhis: Near the Lendibagh, there is a row of five samadhis that mark the resting places of Baba's ardent devotees. These include Abdul Baba, Nanavalli, Bhau Maharaj, Tatya Kote Patil and V.P. Iyer.
    • Timings: N/A
    • Open on: All Days

  9. Temples: In addition to the above places, there are some Hindu temples in the town. These include the temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman, Kanifnath, Vittal and Mahalaxmi.
    • Timings: 05:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
    • Open on: All Days

Places to Eat in Shirdi

Shirdi being a pilgrimage destination mainly hosts vegetarian restaurants and eating places. Most of these places have multi-cuisine menus and are located within walkable distances from the main temple. Some popular choices include:
  • The Tulip - South Indian, Punjabi and Chinese
  • Rajdhani - Vegan, Gujarati and Marwadi
  • Vaadisha (near Bus Stand) - Multi-cuisine
  • Sai Sagar Food Court - Udupi
  • Basil Leaves - Chinese and South Indian
  • Woodlands - South Indian thali and North Indian cuisines
  • Little Italy - Italian
  • Sai Swad - Gujarati, South Indian and Chinese

Places to Stay in Shirdi

Accommodations at Shirdi cater to different family and group sizes, preferences and budgets. Shri Sai Baba Trust hosts three accommodation facilities, with rents ranging from INR 50 to INR 1,000, which include:

  • Sai Ashram: Common rooms as well as AC rooms
  • Dwarawati: Dormitories, common rooms, AC suites
  • New Bhakta Niwas: Rooms in all categories

In addition, there are good 3 to 5 star hotels with ample parking space, luxury rooms and several other advantages. The popular ones include:

  • Sun n Sand: A 5-star hotel with well-appointed rooms, swimming pool, game rooms, conference facilities and a lot more.
  • Sai Leela: 90 rooms in the categories like deluxe rooms, double rooms and single rooms.
  • Shraddha Park In: 75 rooms with all possible comfort and luxury.
  • Goradia's: It is a 4-star hotel with 80 fully furnished rooms.
  • Matrix Inn: One of the most expensive hotels with luxury suites, executive suites, AC classic rooms and classic family rooms.

Places to Shop in Shirdi

Shirdi is a small town with small bazaars located close to the main temple. The shops here sell religious souvenirs and trinkets. You may consider buying effigies, statues and photos of Sai Baba that are sold in different colours and sizes. Religious books can also be purchased. Sai Satcharita is a holy book providing information about the life and teachings of Baba. Religious music CDs are available at many shops. Though, items are sold at extremely cheap prices, you may still negotiate as sellers are open to bargaining. Prasad should be purchased from the counter within the temple premises.

Activities to Do in Shirdi

In Shirdi, the main activities are restricted to visiting various places where Sai Baba spent his life. After praying at the main temple, you may:

  • Visit Dixit Wada Museum where belongings of Baba are put on display.
  • Collect holy rakh (ashes) from dhuni at Dwarkamai. Devotees take it back as blessings from Baba.
  • Palki (palanquin) processions are organized every Thursday and on festivals. During these processions, Baba's photos and padukas (footwear) are taken around the town.
  • Popular festivals celebrated here include Vijayadashmi (September or October, the day on which Baba took Samadhi), Gurupurnima (July) and Ramnavmi (March or April).

Weather at Shirdi

Summers (March to May) are hot: (20-40 C)
Winters (November-February) are pleasant: (8-34 C)
The best time to visit is from October to February

Useful Information:

  • You may have to spend 2-3 hours on an average in the queue to visit Samadhi Temple.
  • Beware of guides and touts offering help, but may enforce you to buy expensive items.
  • Book accommodations in advance to avoid the hassles of on-the-spot booking especially during peak tourist season and festivals.
  • Women and children are not allowed at certain attractions. Adhere to this rule.
  • Mobiles and cameras are not allowed inside the main temple.
  • Dress up in traditional clothes and avoid the revealing ones.
  • Don't indulge in smoking or drinking alcohol near religious sites.

Weekend getaways near Shirdi

  • Shani Shignapur (73 km.) - Dedicated to Lord Shani, it is a small town with an interesting fact that the houses here don't have doors or locks as the residents believe that God Shani protects the place against theft and burglary.
  • Nashik (88 km.) - One of the four hosts of the grand Kumbh Mela, Nashik is admired for historical forts, scenic dam sites and some important Hindu temples and religious sites.
  • Pandavleni Caves (94 km.) - This Buddhist Caves were carved from the 3rd century BC to the 2nd century AD and represent Buddhist monasteries, prayer halls and viharas.
  • Ellora caves (102 km.) - A World heritage Site, this group of about 34 caves belong to Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism and exemplify enthralling art of sculpting.
  • Aurangabad (109 km.) - The historical city is famous for Mughal heritage and other monuments like Daulatabad Fort, Bibi ka Maqbara, 52 Gateways and Tomb of Aurangzeb. Salim Ali Lake and Bird Sanctuary and Siddhartha Zoo are other attractions.
  • Trimbakeshwar Temple (117 km.) - One of the 12 Jyotirlingas, this temple of Lord Shiva is located near the source of the sacred River Godavari and is visited by flocks of pilgrims every day.
  • Bhimashankar (180 km.) - Another popular temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, it is located near the source of River Bhima and flaunts Nagara Architecture.
  • Ajanta Caves (202 km.) - Dating way back to 2nd century BC, it is another World Heritage Site consisting of Buddhist Caves showcasing stunning paintings and sculptures.

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