Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)


What is Bookcab?

Bookcab is a car rental portal. By associating with different cab operators in the city Bookcab provides you - the customer, the power to compare and choose the right cab for your travel need. Bookcab is dedicated to provide a simple car rental solution to all cab/taxi users. We are passionate about making your travel a joyful experience.
Bookcab wants to be the interface between the customers who are concerned about reliability, Quality of Service at an affordable price, and the car operators who are very keen to increase their customer base by providing good service at a competitive price to their loyal customers. In short, Bookcab is the one stop solution for all your car rental needs.
We currently operate only in Bangalore. But will start operations in other cities soon.

What are the benefits of using Bookcab?

Bookcab provides a platform to search between different car rental options by comparing fares, cab operators and vehicles, so that you can make an informed and intelligent decision. The benefits include:

Simplicity of service. It's all done (hassle-free cab booking) in 3 easy steps:
Search, Select and Book and leave the rest to us.
Reliability. We take utmost care in choosing our vendors and their capability to provide reliable service plays a big role in that. In addition, we work 24*7 to help you out in case of any issues. We passionately strive to make sure you get the best on-time service every time.
Best prices. With the kind of network we hold dear with the cab vendors we are able to provide you the best price in the market. And bingo, there are no additional booking charges in Bookcab.

..and many more. Experience them all.

Are all the vendors, registered with Bookcab, reliable?

We take utmost care while partnering with the cab vendors. We perform background check of the operator on different parameters like reliability, quality of service, customer dealing etc. before registering them with Bookcab. Also we continuously monitor their service by taking user feedback and provide rating for them which helps users taking a decision while booking a cab from a specific cab vendor.


Do I need to register to your website to book a cab?

No, you don't need to. But registering helps you to track your trips and in providing ratings and reviews. Also it helps us to provide you best car rental offers which are exclusive for registered frequent travellers.
Also in future we are planning to start up a loyalty program for our registered users

What information you collect during the registration process?

During the registration process you are required to provide your name, valid mail ID (which is treated as your username), and Phone number. If you complete and confirm these details your registration process is complete.
Now you can login with your new Login ID/password and continue with your booking. Other details like pickup address are taken at the time of booking.

What are the benefits I get if registered?

The benefits are plenty. Here are some:
Faster booking: You don't need to provide the details like pickup address, mobile number every time.
Live in Memories: You can view your booking history any time.
Best Deals: And time to time you will get some best cab rental offers exclusive for registered users.

I have forgotten the password. What should I do?

Click the Forgot Password? link available in Sign-in screen. You will be asked to enter the Email ID that you used to register with us. Once you provide your email ID and request for the password, it will be sent to your email address.

Booking related

How can I make a booking through your site?

You can book your cab in 2 ways:

1. Online booking: Open our website BookCab and complete the booking in 3 easy steps.
    a. Enter journey details.
    b. Compare and Choose the cab.
    c. Pay online the advance deposit amount.
Once the advance deposit amount is paid, we confirm the booking through SMS and/or E-mail. And our software assigns a cab for your booking at least 3 hours before the trip and sends the car and driver details to you through SMS and/or E-mail.

2. Offline booking: You can also book a cab through phone. Call our 24/7 helpdesk on (0)92 4100 4100 and our agent will help you through the booking. And we provide Cash On Delivery option for both the modes of booking. Our agent comes to your doorstep and collects the advance deposit amount.
You will be given the confirmation receipt at the time our agent collects the advance deposit amount from you. Our software assigns a cab for your booking at least 4 hours before the trip and sends the car and driver details to you through SMS and/or E-mail.

Which cities do you operate in?

Currently, we operate only in Bangalore. We will soon start our operations in other cities as well. But our tie-ups with pan-India cab vendors might come of your help if you need a booking for other cities. Call our helpdesk number on (0)92 4100 4100.

Can I book a cab for today?

Yes. We take booking request, a minimum of 4 hours before the trip commencement time. But can't guarantee a confirmed booking if you book within 4 hours of departure time.

Can I book a cab months in advance?

Sorry, we currently have a limit of one month for the advance bookings. So you can't make a booking in advance more than a month.

How you will charge for one-way trips?

It might sound a foolish question. But the current cab industry model is to charge two-way even though the customer utilizes the cab for one-way travel as the cab has to return back to the journey originating point empty. So we are not left with any choice other than charging two-way fare for one-way trips also.
But in future we will change this industry norm by increasing our network and utilizing the cabs in a better way, resulting in providing a better solution for this challenge.

Can I modify a booking I already made? Will I be charged for that?

Modifications can't be allowed for already confirmed booking. You need to cancel the existing booking and have to place a new booking. There is an exception though: If you want to reduce your journey days then it won't need a cancellation. Call our helpdesk and inform about the change. This change will not cost you anything.

Payment related

What are the different modes of payment you support?

There are two times as a customer you need to pay to us.

Advance deposit payment: We first estimate your travel cost and collect a 25% advance deposit amount to confirm your booking. There are two options to pay the advance deposit amount.
    a. If you book through our website, you can pay online using credit card/debit card/ net banking options.
    b. If you book through the phone, you can pay in cash using Cash on Delivery option.

Final Payment: You can settle the final amount in cash to the cab driver.

Is it safe to use my credit/debit card on your site? Do you store my card number and details?

We are associated with Razorpay payment gateway which process all major credit cards, debit cards, and net banking transactions over secure encrypted connection. So it is 100% safe to use our online payment option. And we don't store any of your card details with us.

Do I have to pay total amount at the time of booking?

No. You just need to pay an advance deposit amount - 25% of the estimated amount. Remaining amount can be settled at the end of the journey.

How do you calculate the final settlement amount?

Once you complete the journey, the driver will contact our helpdesk and provides the final meter reading. Our agent will calculate the final balance amount (deducting your initial deposit amount, if any) and will explain the calculation before billing. You can settle the amount with the driver in cash.

What is Driver BATA?

BATA is Boarding Allowance/ Travel Allowance for the driver. It is additional to the car rental charges

Do you collect extra charges if I pay online?

There are no transaction/booking charges in BookCab.

Cancellation related

How do I cancel my booking? What are the charges?

You can cancel your booking any time up to 4 hours before the trip start. You can cancel through our website by clicking the "cancellation" link in the home page. The charges are as follows:

  • Greater than 24 hours before scheduled pick up time
    0% of the advance you paid will be retained as cancellation fees and the balance 100% refunded.
  • 24 - 12 hours before scheduled pick up time
    50% of the advance you paid will be retained as cancellation fees and the balance 50% refunded.
  • 12 - 0 hours before scheduled pick up time
    100% of the advance you paid will be retained as cancellation fees and the balance 0% refunded.
  • When I will get the refund if I cancel?

    The refund will reflect in your card/account in maximum of 1 working day. In case you donít receive the refund in 1 working day, please mail us at or call us on (0)92 4100 4100.


    I didn't get my confirmation SMS/E-mail. What do I do?

    If you have done the booking through website you will recieve a confirmation message through SMS/E-mail. If you don't get the confirmation within 10 minutes of booking please call our 24/7 helpdesk on (0)92 4100 4100.

    I'm not happy with the car I'm provided for the trip. What do I do?

    We are very sorry to hear this. Please mail us the details at or call us on (0)92 4100 4100. We will make sure that the car won't get listed in our website again and this helps us to re-evaluate the car operator based on your feedback. We need your support to make BookCab a better place for car rentals.

    Driver was rude. What do I do?

    We are very sorry to hear this. Please mail us the details at or call us on (0)92 4100 4100. We will make sure that the car vendor takes necessary action against the driver and this helps us to re-evaluate the car operator based on your feedback. We need your support to make BookCab a better place for car rentals.

    My driver didn't show up yet. What I have to do?

    Normally we track down the cab until it reaches your place. So ideally this case should not arise. But in case it happens please call us our 24/7 helpdesk on (0)92 4100 4100. We will arrange you another cab at the earliest.


    We need to do a bulk booking(two or more vehicles). How can you help?

    If you want to book multiple vehicles, Please call our 24x7 helpdesk on (0)92 4100 4100 to know about available discounts for bulk bookings.

    I want a luxury car for a very special occasion. How can you help?

    We have plenty of luxury cars to make your special occasion an unforgettable one. You can check the details on our website BookCab or call our helpdesk on (0)92 4100 4100 to know the discounts on luxury bookings