Customer Support

Our aim is not to build just any car rental company but to build one that has a vision to always deliver customer-centric service.

What makes a company different? It's that extra bit that they do to make their customers feel comfortable and satisfied. At Bookcab, we believe that it's not just about the service, it's about how we serve and the support we give while we serve. It is this attention to detail that makes our service complete. We believe that we can really be successful only if our customers are satisfied and our partners are successful. Hence we have invested a lot of effort in providing a unique, consistent and high-quality support system across all our services.

Leadership in Customer Service

"Bookcab: Delivering on a promise and driving on a mission to be the leaders in the Indian car rental market"

Providing superior customer service to our customers is one of our core operating principles. By delivering services in a customer-centric way, we hope to establish a greater connection with our clients and build a strong relationship with them. Providing a car can be achieved by any cab provider, but we are not your regular neighbourhood rental agency. We hold high integrity in our services and provide end to end support for our customers. With many milestones achieved and commendable testimonials under our belt, we can proudly say that we are one of the best customer service providers in today's car rental industry.

One of our core objectives is to win our customers trust and confidence. It is true that a business cannot operate without any hiccups. However, at Bookcab we make sure that issues, if any, are resolved immediately and effectively. With our experience, we are confident we can solve any problem we encounter, with maturity and integrity.

24 x 7 support (Round the clock Support)

"Our commitment to quality is evident as we serve our customers round the clock"

Looking around, one doesn't see many car rental services that provide 24 x 7 customer support. From the day of our inception, we have always kept our lines open to customers who would need assistance with booking, planning, sharing their experiences or giving feedback about our services.

Customer Ratings: We'd love to hear from you

"A principle is the expression of perfection, and as imperfect beings like us cannot practise perfection, we devise 'every moment limits' of its compromise in practice" - Mahatma Gandhi

It's a known fact that perfection is not truly possible always, but the second best is working towards perfection. At Bookcab we strive to achieve that perfection. We value each and every one of our customers' feedback. Whether you've rented with us for a short or long term, your valuable feedback would definitely help us improve our services. We want to make sure that every trip of yours with us will be better than the one before, so please do share your thoughts, suggestions and encouraging words.

Enterprise Support (For Corporates & Rental Partners)

"Enterprise support caters specifically to Corporates and other associations where we partner together to build a business solution."

We support our enterprise partners through the following ways:

Dedicated Personnel at the client location

With enough experience in providing transportation to corporates and partners, we understand that enterprises feel comfortable when they have a dedicated person to manage & coordinate the fleet of cars that serve them. Hence we allocate dedicated personnel at the clients' location.

Dedicated team

It is always comforting to have a team that can understand your car rental needs right off the bat. With this in mind, Bookcab has come up with a dedicated team that only looks into the car rental requirements of Enterprises. A 24x7 helpline is provided for all our enterprise customers to make sure that their needs are addressed promptly.

Customer Relationship Manager

Business encompasses an array of functions. Business is about relationships, about connecting with customers, about understanding their problems and about making clients feel at ease. Bookcabs' customer relationship manager is constantly in touch with all his/ her clients to make sure their concerns are heard. Share your thoughts about us and our CRM will make sure that your feedback is discussed and reviewed by our team.

Grievance Resolution

"Prompt resolution and courteous service."

Should any customer have an issue, our customer support helpline is open round the clock to help address it. Providing superior customer support is one of our priorities Should there be a faux pas, please let us know and we will attempt to resolve it.

Our grievance resolution process

Contact our grievances cell by calling 080-30003000 or by sending an email to When contacting please mention your problem, issue or concern clearly and don't forget to provide your CBR ID.

Step 1: Our grievances team will first try to effectively address your concerns.

Step 2: If you feel that the issues raised are not resolved, then we will escalate your problem to our Manager of Customer Service who will thereafter be involved in the resolution of your problem or concern. Our customer service manager will have all the powers and capability to solve any issue.

Step 3: If you are still not fully satisfied, then the issue will directly be handled by our CEO.