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Since the start of the 21st century, the Indian car rental industry has under gone a transformation of sorts. No longer is renting a vehicle a luxury, it has become a necessity, especially for the urban Indian.

Holiday Car Rentals

Out station trips with family and friends is always fun and full of wonderful memories. At Bookcab, we have meticulously put together this service, ensuring that the cars you rent are clean and well serviced. When you travel with us, regardless of the duration, your safety and comfort is our priority. We hand pick our chauffeurs to ensure that they are well acquainted with the routes and tourist areas at your destination.

City Car Rentals

Driving to work or taking public transport is sometimes not a viable option on todays crowded and polluted roads. Should you need transportation for a local family trip to the mall or theme park, Bookcab will be able to provide just the vehicle you need. Our services can be tailor made to your requirements and provide an economic alternative to public transport. Our chauffeurs, with a good knowledge of the local routes, will make sure that you enjoy the intra-city drive.

Corporate Car Rentals

BookCab provides car rentals for corporate/business use as well. Elite clients need exclusive care, and BookCab guarantees that the service provided by our chauffeur driven luxury cars is of the highest quality. With our highly professional and competent service, you can be rest assured that you leave a great first impression on your clients.

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