Parties Car Hire

For that night out with pals, a surprise party for someone special, or home parties, BookCab can give them all a touch of class. Our transport services cater to different occasions. Book with us and we will ensure reliable and on-time service.

BookCab provides cabs for all sorts of social events, be it your birthday, a romantic getaway with your spouse on your anniversary or even a date with your significant other. Visit the deals section at BookCab/deals for special offers, and book your vehicle well in advance to avoid surprises.

After work party:

Relax with colleagues and loved ones after a long day at work. Whether you are winding down at a pub or spending Friday evenings at a local restaurant, you can give us a call to come take you home. Driving under the influence is illegal and dangerous as well. It is always safe to leave the driving to our professional chauffeurs especially after an evening of drinks, or a late dinner. You can opt for the vehicle of your choice when you pick, and make the payment after you have been driven to your destination. Our vans or buses can handle larger groups and can also be convenient while travelling late at night. Check our Van or Bus hire section for more details.

Birthday party:

Enjoy your Birthday in style! Chaffeur your guests to and fro from your party. You have a multitude of choices when it comes to your means of transport. From economy size and mid-size cars to the premium luxury vehicles, we have it all. And should you be expecting a larger crowd, our van/buses can handle it too! We also have packages that can suit your budget and special deals to make your Birthday that much lighter on your wallet.

Night out in the city:

Are you a party animal or a shopaholic! BookCab can help arrange for your travel within the city. Just sit back and relax while we drive you around in comfort, without worrying about the rush hour traffic or the rain drenched roads.

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