Cars for Staff Transportation

Bookcab: Daily commuting minus the headaches

Daily commutes by bus, auto or personal transportation through our busy city roads can be a cause of stress for an employee. This was realized by many organizations, and today, staff transportation is the most basic service that is provided by corporates to their employees. When it comes to staff transportation, we ensure that four parameters are met comfort, punctuality, safety and security. As staff transportation is a daily need and a long term requirement, Bookcab has special packages and custom made rate plans to curb increasing costs without compromising on quality of service. Our dedicated team at "Bookcab Executive" will assist all customers from the initial planning up till the final execution.

Rely on our Expertise

It needs an expert to solve the real problems of business travel.

The services of "Bookcab Executive" were designed keeping in mind the needs of the corporate world. Founded by corporate employees turned entrepreneurs, "Bookcab Executive" has the expertise to ensure the safety and security of the corporate employees. We work closely with our corporate clients to understand their company requirements and provide cost effective solutions without compromising on quality. We have a proven track record that speaks for itself.

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