Corporate Car Rental

"Bookcab Executive" is a one stop shop catering to a variety of corporate car rental solutions.

Typically, in the car industry corporations have had a very high utilisation rate of rental vehicles. With meticulous planning and foresight, we have created "Bookcab Executive" an exclusive division of Bookcab which specializes in corporate travel solutions. Our rental service provides diverse options like budget cars for daily staff transportation, luxury cars for clients and top executives and larger vehicles like vans or buses for team excursions.

Our dedicated corporate rental teams will work with you to design a custom car rental service that suits your requirements and fits your budgetary needs. Whether you are a large corporation, SME or from the hospitality industry, give us a call today, and we can help plan, with your requirements in mind.

Rely on our Expertise

It needs an expert to solve the real problems of business travel.

The services of "Bookcab Executive" were designed keeping in mind the needs of the corporate world. Founded by corporate employees turned entrepreneurs, "Bookcab Executive" has the expertise to ensure the safety and security of the corporate employees. We work closely with our corporate clients to understand their company requirements and provide cost effective solutions without compromising on quality. We have a proven track record that speaks for itself.

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