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Welcome to Bookcab Franchise

We believe that this is the best opportunity to be part of Bookcab and build a first and finest nationwide car rental in India. Bookcab is the recognised leader in holiday car rentals and has pioneered the concept of franchising in India and is looking to expand to 100 cities by 2013-14.

Why Choose Bookcab?

Partnering with Bookcab involves no extra cost and you'll benefit from the huge network of operators which will not only increase your sales but also helps you build a brand. Bookcab has always been a franchising company and has relied on the partner operator network to play a major role in building a nationwide car rental in India. We at Bookcab have always believed in this approach and remain committed to franchising as the only way of doing car rental business.

Benefits of associating with Bookcab:

1. Become a part of India's leading, professionally managed car rentals

2. Increase your sales with no extra cost

3. Build a reputed brand in your city

4. Access to India's best online/holiday cab booking platform

What we see:

Bookcab takes franchisee recruitment very seriously and becoming a part of our franchise is not for everyone. It's a long term commitment in terms of quality and customer support.

We seek people/travels having

1. Hardworking and hands-on operational experience

2. A vision and enthusiasm to build a car rental business for long term growth

3. A high level of commitment towards customer service

4. Entrepreneurial spirit

5. Understood the importance of training/handling the chauffeurs

Your Next Steps:

Sounds exciting and want to be a part of Bookcab franchisee. Contact us immediately. Looking forward to meet and start working.

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